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Locus NameGeneIDPAO1 OrthologGene NameGene Product
PA14_00490556PA0040 putative hemolysin activation/secretion protein
PA14_010402837PA0086 putative secretion protein
PA14_019401789PA0156 putative RND efflux membrane fusion protein precursor
PA14_04870844PA0371 putative peptidase
PA14_049001186PA0373ftsYsignal recognition particle receptor FtsY
PA14_069903896PA0537 putative exported protein
PA14_070404794PA0542 putative exported protein
PA14_086957378PA4276secEsecretion protein SecE
PA14_090501240PA4243secYsecretion protein SecY
PA14_103006583  putative efflux protein
PA14_103301043PA4144 putative outer membrane protein precursor
PA14_10340288PA4143 putative toxin transporter
PA14_103501489PA4142 putative secretion protein
PA14_13520854PA3894 putative outer membrane protein
PA14_13530264PA3893 putative outer membrane protein
PA14_135602522PA3892 putative fusaric acid resistance protein
PA14_142301123PA3848 putative periplasmic transport protein
PA14_146105027PA3822 putative preprotein translocase
PA14_14630492PA3821secDprotein-export membrane protein SecD
PA14_146502600PA3820secFprotein-export membrane protein SecF
PA14_146604111PA3819 putative outer membrane protein
PA14_159601168PA3746ffhsignal recognition particle protein Ffh
PA14_175101989PA3619 putative TolB-like translocation protein
PA14_176004739PA3611 putative secreted protein
PA14_196804817PA3432 putative murein hydrolase exporter
PA14_196903478PA3431 putative murein hydrolase export regulator
PA14_20030547PA3406hasDtransport protein HasD
PA14_200401297PA3405hasEmetalloprotease secretion protein
PA14_200501253PA3404 putative outer membrane protein
PA14_207204529PA3352flgNputative export chaperone involved in flagellar synthesis
PA14_20860365PA3340 putative Tfp pilus assembly protein FimV
PA14_236901232PA3125 putative secreted protein
PA14_23970417PA3105xcpQ general secretion pathway protein D
PA14_239803450PA3104xcpP secretion protein XcpP
PA14_23990812PA3103xcpR general secretion pathway protein E
PA14_240101628PA3102xcpSgeneral secretion pathway protein F
PA14_240204498PA3101xcpT general secretion pathway protein G
PA14_240404304PA3100xcpUgeneral secretion pathway outer membrane protein H precursor
PA14_240504849PA3099xcpVgeneral secretion pathway protein I
PA14_240603292PA3098xcpWgeneral secretion pathway protein J
PA14_240702234PA3097xcpXgeneral secretion pathway protein K
PA14_240801603PA3096xcpYgeneral secretion pathway protein L
PA14_241004249PA3095xcpZgeneral secretion pathway protein M
PA14_244002043PA3073 putative von Willebrand factor type A domain
PA14_270203007PA2866mttCsecretion protein MttC
PA14_29490575PA2677 putative type II secretion protein
PA14_295001720PA2676 putative type II secretion system protein
PA14_295104575PA2675 putative type II secretion system protein
PA14_295204721PA2674 type II secretion system protein
PA14_295304716PA2673 type II secretion system protein
PA14_295403938PA2672 putative type II secretion system protein
PA14_300703025PA2633 putative secretion system protein
PA14_31010403  putative cation efflux system protein
PA14_310306087  putative cation efflux system protein
PA14_310406086  putative cation efflux system protein
PA14_31920831PA2525 putative outer membrane protein
PA14_337701666PA2389 putative ABC export system, membrane fusion protein
PA14_401705084PA1882 putative transporter
PA14_402301637PA1877 putative secretion protein
PA14_40240281PA1876 putative ATP-binding/permease fusion ABC transporter
PA14_40320246PA1868xqhAsecretion protein XqhA
PA14_422503812PA1725pscLtype III export protein PscL
PA14_422805045PA1722pscItype III export protein PscI
PA14_422904672PA1721pscHtype III export protein PscH
PA14_423004960PA1720pscGtype III export protein PscG
PA14_423105290PA1719pscFtype III export protein PscF
PA14_423205440PA1718pscEtype III export protein PscE
PA14_423401303PA1717pscDtype III export protein PscD
PA14_42350504PA1716pscCType III secretion outer membrane protein PscC precursor
PA14_423604675PA1715pscBtype III export apparatus protein
PA14_424004761PA1712exsBexoenzyme S synthesis protein B
PA14_424402845PA1709popDtranslocator outer membrane protein PopD precursor
PA14_424501821PA1708popBtranslocator protein PopB
PA14_424604300PA1707pcrHregulatory protein PcrH
PA14_424702748PA1706pcrVtype III secretion protein PcrV
PA14_424805185PA1705pcrGregulator in type III secretion
PA14_42500326PA1703pcrDtype III secretory apparatus protein PcrD
PA14_425304865PA1700 putative type III secretion protein
PA14_425405226PA1699 putative protein in type III secretion
PA14_425502877PA1698popNType III secretion outer membrane protein PopN precursor
PA14_425701222PA1697pscNATP synthase in type III secretion system
PA14_425804448PA1696pscOtranslocation protein in type III secretion
PA14_426001825PA1695pscPtranslocation protein in type III secretion
PA14_426102392PA1694pscQtranslocation protein in type III secretion
PA14_426203691PA1693pscRtranslocation protein in type III secretion
PA14_426305300PA1692 putative translocation protein in type III secretion
PA14_426403178PA1691pscTtranslocation protein in type III secretion
PA14_426602058PA1690pscUtranslocation protein in type III secretion
PA14_459101813PA1435 putative RND efflux membrane fusion protein precursor
PA14_48090922PA1248aprFalkaline protease secretion outer membrane protein AprF precursor
PA14_481157385PA1246aprDalkaline protease secretion protein AprD
PA14_543502674PA0768lepB signal peptidase I
PA14_54370503PA0767lepAGTP-binding protein LepA
PA14_554301579PA0687 probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_554401041PA0686 probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_55450197PA0685 probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_554603931PA0684 probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_554702473  probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_554802314PA0682 probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_554904506PA0681 HxcT pseudopilin
PA14_555004939PA0680 HxcV putative pseudopilin
PA14_555204601PA0678 probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_555303778PA0677 probable type II secretion system protein
PA14_557904296PA4294 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_558004467PA4295 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_558503352PA4299 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_558602669PA4300 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_558802730PA4301 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_558901397PA4302 putative type II secretion system protein
PA14_559001689PA4303 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_559201384PA4304 putative type II secretion system protein
PA14_559302714PA4305 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_559405430PA4306 putative pilus assembly protein
PA14_57220103PA4403secApreprotein translocase, SecA subunit
PA14_58890631PA4540 putative hemolysin activation/secretion protein
PA14_5890019PA4541 Large exoprotein
PA14_598604908  putative candidate type III effector Hop protein
PA14_61190545PA4624 putative hemolysin activation/secretion protein
PA14_628104879PA4747secGsecretion protein SecG
PA14_65750945PA4974 putative outer membrane efflux protein precursor
PA14_66580620PA5037 putative Type II secretory pathway protein
PA14_669605297PA5068tatAsec-independent protein translocase TatA
PA14_669704631PA5069tatBSec-independent protein translocase TatB
PA14_669802973PA5070tatCsec-independent protein translocase TatC
PA14_677204359PA5128secBsecretion protein SecB
PA14_68820516PA5210 putative general secretory pathway related protein
PA14_707404391PA5359 putative exported protein

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