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Locus NameGeneIDPAO1 OrthologGene NameGene Product
PA14_031702907PA0987 conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_031805280PA0986 conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_032905161PA1937 conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_033002727PA1938 conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_033907077  hypothetical protein
PA14_079904538PA0614 putative holin
PA14_080104004PA0616 putative baseplate assembly protein V
PA14_080205089PA0617 putative baseplate assembly protein W
PA14_080302735PA0618 putative phage baseplate assembly protein
PA14_080404116PA0619 putative phage tail protein
PA14_08050295PA0620 putative tail fiber protein
PA14_080604408PA0621 putative tail fiber assembly protein
PA14_080701648PA0622 putative phage tail sheath protein
PA14_080904293PA0623 putative phage tail tube protein
PA14_08120289PA0625 putative tail length determinator protein
PA14_081302775PA0626 putative tail formation protein
PA14_081405385PA0627 putative phage protein X
PA14_081502136PA0628 putative phage late control gene D protein
PA14_082104271PA0633 putative major tail protein V
PA14_08240500PA0636 putative tail length determination protein
PA14_082504928PA0637 putative phage minor tail protein
PA14_082603288PA0638 putative minor tail protein L
PA14_082804073PA0640 putative phage tail assembly protein
PA14_0830047PA0641 putative phage-related protein, tail component
PA14_138901975PA3868 putative integrase protein
PA14_153506457  putative integrase
PA14_153807265 repAreplicative helicase, RepA
PA14_154007262  putative replication protein, RepC
PA14_154106454  non-functional transposase fragment
PA14_154206453  non-functional transposase fragment
PA14_154306452  putative resolvase, essential for transposition
PA14_155007260  possible oriT-binding protein, TraK
PA14_155106446 traJoriT-binding protein, TraJ
PA14_155206445 trbJmating pair formation protein TrbJ
PA14_155306444  possible entry/exclusion protein TrbK
PA14_155406443  putative mating pair formation protein TrbL
PA14_308506104  TrbI-like protein
PA14_308606103  TrbG-like protein
PA14_308706102  TrbF-like protein
PA14_308806101  TrbG-like protein
PA14_309006099  TrbJ-like protein
PA14_309106097  TrbE-like protein
PA14_309306096  TrbC-like protein
PA14_309406095  putative conjugal transfer protein
PA14_309606093  TraG-like protein
PA14_310006089  hypothetical
PA14_310806083  putative conjugal transfer protein
PA14_311006081  putative plasmid partitioning protein
PA14_312806066  putative integrase
PA14_357405945  putative transposase
PA14_357507200  putative tpnA repressor protein
PA14_358203732 tnpSCointegrate resolution protein S
PA14_358304766 tnpTCointegrate resolution protein T
PA14_488804214  putative bacteriophage integrase
PA14_488901276PA0727 conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_489101697  conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_489405376PA0723coaBcoat protein B of bacteriophage Pf1
PA14_489505282PA0722 hypothetical protein of bacteriophage Pf1
PA14_489605629  hypothetical protein of bacteriophage Pf1
PA14_489704619PA0720 helix destabilizing protein of bacteriophage Pf1
PA14_489804890PA0719 hypothetical protein of bacteriophage Pf1
PA14_489905054PA0718 hypothetical protein of bacteriophage Pf1
PA14_490005389PA0717 hypothetical protein of bacteriophage Pf1
PA14_490105628  hypothetical protein
PA14_490307211  hypothetical protein
PA14_515403971 RS13putative transposase
PA14_515501735 RS12putative transposase
PA14_516205160PA0979 possible transposase
PA14_516302705PA0978 possible transposase
PA14_535705548  putative integrase
PA14_550602939PA0987 conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_550705292PA0986 conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_589103981 RL115chromosome partitioning related protein
PA14_589703269 RL110putative phage protein
PA14_595605263  putative transposase
PA14_595704970  putative transposase
PA14_59580704  putative transposase
PA14_600504957  putative plasmid stablization protein
PA14_618405146PA4674 putative virulence-associated protein
PA14_634406758  possible bacteriophage integrase
PA14_634506759  conserved hypothetical protein
PA14_653105316PA4944hfqputative host factor-I protein
PA14_678101275PA5134 putative carboxyl-terminal protease

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