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Locus NameGeneIDPAO1 OrthologGene NameGene Product
PA14_513503827PA1002phnBanthranilate synthase component II
PA14_51360684PA1001phnAanthranilate synthase component I
PA14_513802319PA1000pqsEQuinolone signal response protein
PA14_513902037PA0999pqsD3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase III
PA14_514101894PA0998pqsCHomologous to beta-keto-acyl-acyl-carrier protein synthase
PA14_514202747PA0997pqsBHomologous to beta-keto-acyl-acyl-carrier protein synthase
PA14_51430687PA0996pqsAprobable coenzyme A ligase

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