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Locus NameGeneIDPAO1 OrthologGene NameGene Product
PA14_034107313  tRNA-Arg
PA14_068757431 rsmYrsmY regulatory RNA
PA14_074707312  tRNA-Met
PA14_085707286 16S-rRNA16S ribosomal RNA
PA14_085807325  tRNA-Ile
PA14_085907326  tRNA-Ala
PA14_086007281 23S-rRNA23S ribosomal RNA
PA14_086107289 5S-rRNA5S ribosomal RNA
PA14_086507327  tRNA-Tyr
PA14_086607328  tRNA-Gly
PA14_086707329  tRNA-Thr
PA14_086907330  tRNA-Trp
PA14_145707304  tRNA-Leu
PA14_205007331  tRNA-Arg
PA14_218007332  tRNA-Val
PA14_218107333  tRNA-Asp
PA14_234907303  tRNA-Asn
PA14_235707336  tRNA-Ala
PA14_235807337  tRNA-Glu
PA14_241107338  tRNA-Val
PA14_241207339  tRNA-Asp
PA14_241307340  tRNA-Asp
PA14_248707302  tRNA-Pro
PA14_271907301  tRNA-Ser
PA14_276007341  tRNA-Glu
PA14_276107342  tRNA-Gly
PA14_276207343  tRNA-Gly
PA14_281907344  tRNA-Val
PA14_287407345  tRNA-Pro
PA14_304207346  tRNA-Ser
PA14_306807347  tRNA-Gly
PA14_307207348  tRNA-Cys
PA14_412007300  tRNA-Asp
PA14_413207298  tRNA-Leu
PA14_413307297  tRNA-His
PA14_413407296  tRNA-Arg
PA14_512307295  tRNA-Ser
PA14_516607294  tRNA-Lys
PA14_523207349  tRNA-Met
PA14_525407293  tRNA-Arg
PA14_525507292  tRNA-Arg
PA14_525607291  tRNA-Ser
PA14_548407350  tRNA-Gly
PA14_556207290 5S-rRNA5S ribosomal RNA
PA14_556317439 23S-rRNA23S ribosomal RNA
PA14_556347442  tRNA-Ala
PA14_556357441  tRNA-Ile
PA14_556377440 16S-rRNA16S ribosomal RNA
PA14_587107324  tRNA-Thr
PA14_601507323  tRNA-Lys
PA14_601607322  tRNA-Pro
PA14_601807321  tRNA-Asn
PA14_606207305  tRNA-Arg
PA14_617607306  tRNA-Gln
PA14_618307307  tRNA-Met
PA14_620507288 5S-rRNA5S ribosomal RNA
PA14_620607282 23S-rRNA23S ribosomal RNA
PA14_620707320  tRNA-Ala
PA14_620807319  tRNA-Ile
PA14_620907285 16S-rRNA16S ribosomal RNA
PA14_627907318  tRNA-Met
PA14_628007317  tRNA-Leu
PA14_634607316  tRNA-SeC(p)
PA14_652107308  tRNA-Leu
PA14_652207309  tRNA-Leu
PA14_680307310  tRNA-Phe
PA14_681507311  tRNA-Thr
PA14_708707287 5S-rRNA5S ribosomal RNA
PA14_708807280 23S-rRNA23S ribosomal RNA
PA14_708907315  tRNA-Ala
PA14_709007314  tRNA-Ile
PA14_709107284 16S-rRNA16S ribosomal RNA

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